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Protecting Against Water Backup of Sewers or Drains

Spring tends to be our wettest season, with the melting snow and rain showers. The ground is saturated and there is no place for the water to go other than where you don’t want it to go.

What if this water makes its way into your home – are you covered? A standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide coverage for such an event; however, there are ways to help protect your home.

Damage from water backup of sewers or drains can be costly and tends to occur in the basement, which is where your washer and dryer, furnace, hot water tank and other items and appliances may be located. Water or sewage can destroy anything it comes in contact with.

What is water backup of sewers or drains? It occurs when water or sewage backs up into your home through a floor drain, sump pump well, washtub or toilet in the basement. Sump pumps can fail due to power outages or motor failures, or the sump pump may be unable to handle the flow of water during a severe storm or flood. Sewers or drains can also back up due to blockage.

You can prevent water backup of sewers or drains by:

· Maintaining gutters and downspouts. Keep them free of debris and leaves. Also repair them if they are sagging. Extend downspouts at least 10 feet away from the house.

· Adjusting landscaping so water flows away from the foundation. French drains can help with this process.

· Installing a backflow-prevention device.

· Considering a sump pump system in your basement, as well as a battery backup in case of a power outage.

It may be well worth purchasing additional coverage with your homeowner’s policy. Be sure to contact us about Water Backup of Sewers or Drains coverage; we are here to help!

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